Our Installed Price range

$51.00 to $175.00 Sq/Ft

Composed mainly or entirely of quartz.  The compact, granular rock is a form of metamorphosed sandstone in which silica, or quartz, has been deposited between the grains of quartz of which the sandstone is essentially composed. Other minerals that may be present in small amounts in quartzite include feldspar, mica, rutile, tourmaline, and zircon.

The Good The Not So Good
Strongest & most durable counter-top surface Heavy
Not adversely affected by heat Some varieties can stain
Excellent as a thawing surface (Solution): Our Dry-Treat permanent sealer
Most scratch resistant surface Sharp corners can chip
Natural created beauty  
Damage is repairable  
High tensile strength  
ULTRA low Maintenance  

Projects made with Quartzite