Our Installed Price range

$55.00 to $150.00 Sq/Ft

Concrete, especially precast, lends itself to a high degree of customization due to the phase-change nature of its creation, filling a specific form with a fluid material which hardens (through mineral hydration) to a durable cast stone. Color choices, edge styles, three-dimensional sculpting, and integral features such as sinks, drainboards, and decorative embedments are design options which may be incorporated. Due to its site-specific and generally handmade nature.

The Good The Not So Good
Fully customizable Heavy
Moderately strong & durable Prone to scratching
Color design freedom Sharp corners can chip
10,000 psi tensile strength Prone to etching
Can Illuminate with fibers Prone to staining
Not adversely affected by heat (Solution): Our Dry-Treat permanent sealer
  Can Spall
  Careful maintenance must be observed

Projects made with Concrete